September 27, 2021

Mining Universal Basic Asset


Universal Basic Asset is a new kind of crypto in which 10% are always distributed for free.

In a world in which monetary rewards increasingly accrue to capital and not to labor, UBA provides a new kind of initial capital.

It is an open protocol for future decentralized finance applications, such as Defi, NFTs, Borrowing/lending. UBA can be accessed with a simple web app, and is an operating system for future decentralized finance innovations. 

Equity mining: 10% of all UBA output will be distributed equally to all participating miners, regardless of computing power.

The users you have invited will automatically become your friends, you can draft your friends into your team, then you and your friend will both gain additional mining power.

You and your friend will gain 5% of each other’s mining yields, on top of your own mining yields, you can have at most 6 people in one team.

Computing power mining(Mainnet only): Mining using your own computing power.Claim your UBA quota:

Now it is a test network , Testnet coins are converted into mainnet coins at 10:1

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