May 7, 2020

Sesame Dictionary-A modern Chinese dictionary that supports the display of stroke order [iPhone / iPad]

Sesame Dictionary is a modern Chinese dictionary for iPhone and iPad that collects all Chinese standard Chinese characters. It can query basic interpretation, example sentences, traditional Chinese, radicals and other Chinese characters. It supports offline use and can also show the stroke order with animation. @NickYam

Photomizer 2 Pro – automatic photo repair tool [Windows] [$ 59.99 → 0]

Photomizer Pro  is an image processing software, which can make you modify a satisfactory picture through operations such as color adjustment and light repair. You can also add noise to create the feeling of old photos. Of course, you can also give photos a new feeling. @NickYam

May 6, 2020

Coolmuster Android Assistant – Android device assistant [Windows] [$ 35.95 → 0]

Coolmuster Android Assistant  is an assistant software for Android devices. It can conveniently help you to backup and restore data. It supports the transmission of many different files. You can also send and receive SMS messages on Android devices on your computer. @NickYam

May 5, 2020

Batch WORD to PDF Converter Pro – Convert Word to PDF [Windows] [$ 29.95 → 0]

Batch WORD to PDF Converter Pro  is a tool that can help you convert Word documents to PDF documents in batches. It also supports the conversion of Excel, PPT, rich text, and text documents to PDF. The focus is on batch conversion efficiency. @NickYam

May 4, 2020

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery – Photo recovery and restoration software [Windows, macOS] [$ 11.99 → 0]

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery  is a photo recovery software that allows you to recover photos of many different formats from different media easily , no matter how lost photos can be easily restored through it. @NickYam

Audio Split & Trim – Audio editing tool [Windows, macOS] [$ 19.99 → 0]

Audio Split & Trim is a tool that can split a piece of audio into two or more pieces. Of course, it can also merge multiple different audio files into one audio file, supporting multiple different audio formats. @NickYam

May 3, 2020

FlashBoot – USB flash drive creation tool [$ 29.95 → 0]

FlashBoot is a USB flash drive creation tool, with a high degree of customization, compatible with all USB disks and BIOS. Even if you do not use DOS can also use PE, the production steps are very simple. @NickYam

May 2, 2020

NTFSTool-A free software that provides NTFS read and write support for Apple computers

NTFS Tool is a pure version of NTFS tool that supports NTFS disk read-write, mount, launch, management and other functions. Its interface is simple and easy to use. I hope this tool will bring convenience to your work and life. @NickYam

By default, the macOS system only allows reading files in the NTFS disk format, and requires command line or third-party software support to write, which is a little troublesome.

May 1, 2020

Dagon App-Web bookmarks, support snapshots, save images, iCloud synchronization and Pinboard [iPhone / iPad limited free]

Dagon App is a web bookmarking application that supports iPhone and iPad. Just share the content with it, support tag classification management, snapshots, Spotlight search, save Instagram pictures. You can use iCloud to synchronize data, and it also supports Pinboard account, currently free. @NickYam

First of all, you only need to share to the Dagon App through the share button of the iOS system, and then add a label, you can choose whether to save the picture. The function of saving pictures is also applicable to Instagram, which is great.