April 5, 2020

Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

Ma Yun Foundation invited many clinicians who participate in the treatment of new coronavirus and spent a week writing a Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment for hospitals, doctors and nurses.

Most of the hospitals in the world are facing challenges. We especially hope to share these practical experiences with hospitals and medical staff around the world ASAP. So please download, print, or forward them to your nearby hospitals and medical staff so that they can be ready.

Thank you!

Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment: https://covid-19.alibabacloud.com/zh

Handbook 中文版: https://www.alibabacloud.com/zh/universal-service/pdf_reader?pdf=Handbook_of_COVID_19_Prevention_zh_Moblie.pdf

Handbook English version: https://www.alibabacloud.com/zh/universal-service/pdf_reader?pdf=Handbook_of_COVID_19_Prevention_en_Mobile.pdf

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