April 30, 2020

Motick - A customizable and simple flip clock [iPhone]

Motick is a beautiful iPhone clock application, with a simple design style, customizable clock, vertical screen and horizontal screen support, let those old devices to play. In addition, the developer provided endurance data for common old devices. @NickYam

April 29, 2020

Didi Wuhan restart car-hailing tomorrow

Didi today announced that according to the deployment of Wuhan Municipal Transportation Bureau, Didi.com, which has been suspended for nearly 100 days due to the epidemic, will resume operations in Wuhan on April 30.

Didi said: "We will strictly work in accordance with the unified requirements of the Wuhan Municipal Epidemic Prevention Headquarters and other departments to protect safe travel."

April 28, 2020

BgEraser-Remove the image background intelligently Based on AI technology

BgEraser is an AI-based automatic and intelligent image background removal tool. There is no need to check the available and deleteable areas. Just upload the image, and download the completed image immediately. @NickYam

Prior to this, for example, a very useful online background removal service remove.bg , it is required that the user manually marks which needs to be retained and which should be removed before the background can be removed.

April 27, 2020

Pinduoduo Inc : 2020 Letter to Shareholders

What time? 
In February, the world learned a new word, “COVID-19”, which upended our lives. As I write this, half of the world remains confined at home, waiting for the tiny virus that causes COVID-19 to leave us. During the early days of the outbreak, as we waited in solidarity, we eagerly hoped to return to normal. But as the world has been put on hold week after week, we start to forget time.
We cannot help but ask ourselves, what is the time we are in now and what is time?
We are in a time of crisis – of division, misinformation, and chaos. The virus has caused countless conflicts and contrasts as we watch the news around us and worldwide. It is an unprecedented time to most of us. Yet if we put it in the context of the human history, it might just be a normal incident, a drop in the ocean.

April 26, 2020

How to stop iCloud from syncing a folder

At this time, you only need to rename the folder you do not want to synchronize, and add a ".nosync" to the file name . As shown below, we call this thing a flag to tell iCloud not to touch this folder and its sub-files.

The folder marked will show that iCloud is unavailable, which is exactly what we want. If you want to synchronize it again, just delete ".nosync".

April 25, 2020


IKnowWhatYouDownload is a website that knows what you have downloaded. It retrieves the IP information of the BT network to track the download content. In addition to knowing what you have downloaded, you can also count information such as the resource status of the seed. @NickYam

The information on this site is a bit huge, and there is a daily Torrents download information ranking by region, so you can understand what is in the data stream that accounts for a large proportion of the Internet.

April 24, 2020

image-picker-Extract images from web pages that cannot be saved by right-clicking [Chrome]

image-picker is a simple Chrome extension that can extract images from web pages with one click, including background images, thus avoiding the embarrassment that many images cannot be saved by right-clicking. @NickYam

In fact, it is not embarrassing. NickYam often needs to download the pictures in the App Store, but when you right-click the picture, it cannot be saved directly. Instead, I can only open the developer tools, extract the image address from the code, and then download it.

April 23, 2020

Size.link-just a browser, use AR to create a virtual box, you can check the actual size of the product before shopping

Size.link may be the simplest, easy-to-use, and practical AR product that NickYam has seen. It uses AR to create a custom-sized box that can be placed in the room, so that users can view it before shopping The actual size of the product at home. @NickYam

Open Size.link , enter the length, width and height you want, and then click View in your space . According to the prompt, you can see the AR real scene.

April 22, 2020

Smart upscaler-Icons8 has released a great free AI image enlargement tool

Smart upscaler is a new tool released by the well-known free chart library Icons8. It is a free Ai image enlargement tool. You only need to drag and upload to get an image with a magnification of up to 4 times. It has been tested with excellent results. @NickYam

April 21, 2020

Simple Screen Shade – Screen light and dark adjustment tool [macOS]

Simple Screen Shade is a tool that can adjust the brightness of the screen, supports up to 4 monitors, you can also set different color screen masks, use different colors in different occasions. There are also some built-in presets in the software that allow you to switch quickly.

Franzis HDR Projects 4-Picture effects plug-in [Windows, macOS] [$ 69 → 0]

Franzis HDR Projects 4  is an image post-editing software. this is magic. Start with complete light information. Once you have seen HDR images, normal images will just seem boring. HDR projects 4 enables you to generate very precise lighting situations that are not possible with “normal” photography or photo editing. The newest process for super realistic images with unbeatable contrast and detail that you have never seen before!

Tencent Open Sources COVID-19 Self-triage Assistant

To help people carry out a self-check about any potential coronavirus infection , thus reducing the risk of cross infection caused by panic and seeking medical care inappropriately, Tencent Health has built a COVID-19 self-triage assistant with AI technology for people around the world. By translating professional medical guidance into easy-to-understand messages, this tool was designed to help the public fight the pandemic with knowledge and skills. Since its launch, the tool has already helped 40 disease control and prevention centers, more than 300 hospitals, over 30 independent software vendor partners across 17 provinces in China and served tens of millions of people. Tencent is now open-sourcing the COVID-19 self-triage assistant

April 20, 2020

AceThinker PDF Converter Pro – PDF document conversion tool [Windows, macOS] [$ 69.95 → 0]

AceThinker PDF Converter Pro  is a PDF document conversion tool that supports batch conversion to Word, Excel, PPT, pictures and other formats, with OCR function, can help you identify the text in the picture and save.

iMobie AnyTrans – iOS device management software [Windows, macOS] [$ 39.99 → 0]

iMobie AnyTrans is a tool that can manage iPad, iPod, iPhone, through which you can transfer music, movies, applications and other files to any iOS device, you can also clone data from the old iOS device to the new iOS with one click In the device. This gift is a 90-day version, which can only be downloaded from the acquisition page.

Virtual Mix Studio Pro – Virtual Mix Studio [macOS] [¥ 198 → 0]

Virtual Mix Studio Pro is a music mixing tool that allows you to easily create original soundtracks. Use the different tools inside to add drums, vocals, percussion and effects, etc. Use your imagination to create your own Unique music.

April 19, 2020

Multiple Face Morpher – Photo Face Changer [macOS] [$ 19.95 → 0]

Multiple Face Morpher is a photo face changing tool that can help you easily convert one person's face to another person's face for synthesis. It is convenient to use, but don't use it for bad things.

April 14, 2020

Chinese Embassy Sri Lanka twitter account suspended

“This is double standards. There is so-called freedom of media, but on the other hand, they suspend and lock any account that is not on their agenda,” a Chinese Embassy spokesperson said.

The official twitter account of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka @ChinaEmbSL has been suspended.

April 12, 2020

Get Lordicon dynamic icon library for free [Web]

The year is 2020 – we’ve got self-driving cars, robots that clean, and drones that deliver packages. It’s basically The Jetsons.

But your website’s lackluster designs and flat icons make your business look like it’s stuck in the town of Bedrock.

If you want to stay ahead of the times — and the competition, you need designs that stand out and create a pleasing aesthetic for your brand.

April 10, 2020

Ask MathStudio – Natural Language Calculator [iOS] -free now

Ask MathStudio gives you instant answers to your math questions using natural language on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch! Ask everything from basic math to college calculus to everyday questions like the weather. See some of the examples below to see what you can do with Ask MathStudio!

Leawo Music Recorder – audio recording software [Windows, macOS] [$ 29.99 → 0]

Leawo Music Recorder  is an audio recording platform software that can record the sound you hear on the network, and can also record the sound inside the computer. There is an editor in the software, which supports the synthesis of multiple audio tracks. At the same time, it is also a powerful music library software that can help you manage music files in your computer, intelligently download covers, add tags and more. @NickYam

Image Plus - Easy Photo Editor[macOS]

Image Plus  is an image editing tool with multiple adjustment functions. It can also help you add watermarks to images, change transparency, change image formats, and so on.

Sync Sofa – Couples from different places watch videos[Chrome]

Sync Sofa is a Chrome / Edge browser plug-in under development and testing. It allows two computers to play simultaneously and pause to fast-forward the same video, so that couples from different places can sync streaming video in a fast, simple and stable way and watch videos simultaneously. @NickYam

April 9, 2020

COVID-19: the original human virus genome were found in patients from the US and Australia

Researchers from Cambridge, UK, and Germany have reconstructed the early “evolutionary paths” of COVID-19 in humans – using genetic network techniques.
A-type viruses, the “original human virus genome” were found in patients from the US and Australia,not China.

SyncBird Pro – File transfer tool for iOS devices [macOS] [$ 39.99 → 0]

SyncBird Pro is a file transfer tool for iOS devices, which allows you to manage the transfer of files in iOS devices without using iTunes. You can also back up, clean up, and export devices. During the outbreak, they gave away a home version, which can be used on three devices.

PhantomPDF Online – Web PDF document editor [Web]

PhantomPDF Online is an online PDF document editor produced by Foxit. It supports text editing, page annotation, page change, page sorting, page adjustment, format conversion, etc., which is similar to the desktop version of the software. It is currently free to use until the end of September after registration.

April 8, 2020

Photolemur 3 – automatic image retouching tool [Windows, macOS] [$ 35 → 0]

Photolemur 3  is an automatic image retouching tool that supports a large number of camera image original formats. It can automatically perform color restoration, automatic exposure, sky enhancement, JPG correction, dehaze, etc., allowing you more time to take pictures.

April 5, 2020

Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

Ma Yun Foundation invited many clinicians who participate in the treatment of new coronavirus and spent a week writing a Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment for hospitals, doctors and nurses.

Most of the hospitals in the world are facing challenges. We especially hope to share these practical experiences with hospitals and medical staff around the world ASAP. So please download, print, or forward them to your nearby hospitals and medical staff so that they can be ready.

April 4, 2020

How to prevent the spread of COVID-19 when staying home

1. Will open windows increase the chance of infection?
   Actually, good vatilation helps to reduce the amount of viruses that may exist in doors and helps to renew the indoor air. ‘Diluted’ outdoor air is almost impossible to bring viruses indoors.
   If your family members are suspected acute respiratory infection patients, open the window but keep the door closed during ventilation. Do not use central ventilation system to avoid the air in the sick people’s room entering the clean areas.

April 3, 2020

Recommendations for pregnant women during the epidemic of Covid-19

1. Precautions in pregnancy check-ups
During the epidemic, pregnant moms need to note the following things when going for pregnancy check-ups:

April 2, 2020

How to care for children during the epidemic ?

1. how to protect your children when going out

Don’t go out if possible, that is the best way to protect your children.
  • If have to, drive private car or take a taxi, and use public transportation less frequently such as buses and  subways where people are crowed. Walking is the best way for nearby destinations.