February 15, 2020

Plugin to back your blog up in Internet Museum Archive.org

Today, I came up with a question about how to permanently save my website on the Internet. Although my blog is not so valuable to others, however, as an individual, I still hope that I can keep indelible marks on the Internet, proving my existence.
Just like Wikipedia, as early as the end of the last century, someone has done similar work and created the Internet History Museum-

The Internet History Museum ( Internet Archive: Wayback Machine ) is an online museum that helps you get back your website history. Since 1996, it has been backing up the entire Internet. The website was created in 1996 by Alexa founder Brewster Kahle . It is a nonprofit program that regularly collects and crawls information from global websites and saves it.
For users, through the "Take Me Back" of the Archive website, enter a website domain name, you can view its past collection history. When you click into it, you would have a special feeling-because you will see many, many things you may never see, they have become history.

For bloggers,  you can submit your own page archive directly to the site. Even if my blog site becomes obsolete in the future, or the domain name blog.nickyam.com is no longer renewed, there are still people in the Internet Museum who can  read my blog.
In order to submit the page more quickly and easily, I found a small plugin Archiveror . This is a Chrome and Firefox extension that connects to four web archiving tools that allow users to permanently save online web content with one click. Support archive.is , archive.org and other archiving services.
After installing Archiveror, you can archive it with one click. Just click on the Archiver button in the extension bar and select Archive Now!
Archiveror is open source on GitHub and can be installed for free on the Chrome Store and Firefox Store .
Although the Internet Archive was founded 24 years ago, its value and significance are self-evident today, and I sincerely hope that it will be preserved forever. And my blog can be archived one by one forever.

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