On January 29th, I had "Your payments are currently on hold because you have not verified your address." from Google Adsense but did not pass Google ’s manual verification. I just received an email sent automatically telling me to follow the instruction from Google Search Center

A few days later, I deliberately entered the wrong pin code three times in Google Adsense, and then manually submitted the identity verification information again. Still, I received an email sent automatically. The worse consequence of this operation is that the ads of my website disappeared. If I didn’t enter the wrong pin code 3 times and I wouldn’t receive the paper pin code, this case should happen 4 months later.
So I asked a question in the Google Search Center, but the response I received was not useful. I can only hope that after the PIN code expire three times in 4 months, Google will manually review my identity information.
Last night, I suddenly noticed that a button was displayed on the Google Adsense panel, and I could apply for a pin code again. So I re-applied the pin code.
Today, I found my site to be re-linked with the Google ads. 
 I'm going to wait for a regular mail from Google Adsense, everything is back on track.