September 7, 2018

The negative evolution of information on Internet

If anyone asks what the greatest human invention in the second half of the twentieth century is, it is definitely the Internet. Through the virtual information network, the planet has truly become an interconnected village. People of different races, different skin colours, and different faiths can instantly speak and exchange information on the Internet. But have you discovered that in recent years, the Internet has been filled with a lot of vulgar, violent, and boring information, they have begun to become the mainstream of the mass Internet. Some people have predicted that the next century, the world will enter the second Middle Ages. Why does this take place now?Let us review the two stages of Internet first :

September 5, 2018

Some Points about the Value of BTC

I recently have been thinking of the value of Bitcoin and wanted to know the logic about BTC. As we all know, BTC is a virtual currency based on deflation logic. Due to the deflation property of its design, the greater the degree of attention, the more users, the higher price. What I came to understand recently is some controversial parts:

i.The virtual currency of deflation logic itself does not have an absolute threshold. A dog with a certain programming base can design similar products such as fire coins, water coins, etc.
But under normal circumstances only one concept is the most recognised. This is similar to brand barriers. It is clear that Bitcoin currently has this capability. Just like that in ancient Africa, maybe coconut is hard currency, but when trading with westerners, hard currency can only be silver or gold coins.

September 2, 2018

My So Called Grandparents

Today my mother told me something about my grandparents when I was very young, what I have forgotten.

I lived in  a village called Shanhai and studied there during my primary school time.  Grandpa used to work in Hangzhou and went home once a year. Every time He came back to see me, Grangpa always valued me very much, and Grandma also said that she loved me very much. Once all the family had a dinner at my house, my mother took out the coconut juice and gave it to me. But Grandpa took it and gave it to grandmother and said that I would have the opportunity to drink in the future. I think that those who really love their grandchildren should realise that children need more nutrition in their bodies.