December 28, 2011

If U cannot win a argument

As long as there are humans on earth,there comes the argument.
You know,the first man Adam is not alone with Eve.Not two leaves are the same in the world,so as humans.
That's the explaination why argument is reasonable between lovers,friends,or about Academic and politics,etc.

The New Trend of Speed ​​Dial

We all know Speed Dial comes from Opera Browser.
Another innovation of the opera in the speed dial is the extension introduced to Speed ​​Dial. But I believe that this can be used in only a few plug-ins or extensions , not all plug-ins are suitable in the Speed ​​Dial.However, the original Speed ​​Dial feature, which is the bookmark feature, can indeed be expanded.

April 24, 2011

Three Lovely Presidents At GSUP

At GSUP, I talked with some Presidents of Universities. Most of the Talks were just general affairs. For instants,"Where is my seat?"or "What is the beginning time?"and so on. But the following three were interesting exceptions.